Environmental Cruise (2 hours)

From: 22.00 


Environmental Cruise – 2 hours

Cruise near of Miranda do Douro

The Environmental Cruise of the International Biological Station – EBI in the Natural Park Arribes del Duero, delves into the most spectacular vertical section of the “European Grand Canyon”, sailing through international waters from the border town of Miranda do Douro to the Valley eagle and Villardiegua de la Ribera. 

During the trip, the technicians of the Biological Station interpret ethnographic resources, wildlife, flora and geology of the cliffs.

Upon his return, passengers enjoy a free tasting of fortified wines of Oporto , with didactic and interactive activities with otters and other wildlife species of therapeutic nature programs and captive breeding of the EBI.

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0 – 2 years free (must travel in the lap of the parents)
3 – 9 years pay 50%


2 hours


  • Reception at the border luso-espanhola in Miranda do Douro with Zamora / Douro-Duero International Biological Station (EBI) in the UNESCO “MESETA IBÉRICA” Transboundary Reserve.
  • Environmental Cruise (2 hours) by the most spectacular vertical section of the Natural Park of the International Douro and Arribes del Duero, from the city of Miranda, to the Jetty of the Smugglers, with DISEMBARQUE in the Valley of Eagle and return. During the course, EBI technicians interpret the geology, fauna, flora and ethnographic resources of this European Grand Canyon and its Portuguese-Spanish environmental recovery projects in international waters.
  • This hydrographic research vessel has panoramic air-conditioned coverage, outdoor terraces for its 120 passengers, infra-red cameras and microphones for wildlife, on-board laboratory, safety boats and anti-seasickness stabilizers. Return to the city of Miranda.
  • Returning to E.B.I., Exhibition – Didactics with Birds of Prey and Porto Wine Tasting (Free activity included in the chosen modality).