Cenários D´Ouro is a Tour Operator specialized in Incoming to the Douro and the North of Portugal. This operator was created by the touristic agents of our land with the objective of giving the ones who visit us true moments of culture and joy!

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Project North 2020

PROJECT Nº NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-025857

Support under the Incentive System for the Qualification and Internationalization of SMEs

Designation of the project | “Strengthening the internationalization of Cenários”

Main Objective | Reinforcing an SME qualification

Beneficiary Entity | Cenários D’ouro – Operador Turístico do Douro e Trás-Os-Montes S.A.

Approval Date | 2017-07-07

Start Date | 2017-08-14

Conclusion Date | 2019-08-13

Total Investment | 249.496,72

Financial support from the European Union| 96.522,84

Project Overview |

With this project, CENÁRIOS aims to achieve a set of investments that allow them to better adapt to market demands, providing them with means of promotion, dissemination and logistics that guarantee their qualification, both in marketing and in organization.

In order to realize the project, the CENÁRIOS will be inserted in an effective way in the international markets, through the accomplishment of the actions of prospection and promotion of programs.

These objectives will be achieved in the following investments:

  • Site / Portal
  • Marketing Plan
  • Promotional and Communication Material
  • SEO Tracking
  • Design and conception of the brand
  • Computer and Advertising Equipment
  • App Mobile
  • Acquisition management / billing software
  • Acquisition of operational software
  • ICT Equipment
  • Employee recruitment;

The main expected results will be:

  • Develop a coordinated strategy of dissemination, communication and promotion, in order to present and affirm itself effectively to the defined target audiences;
  • Repositioning itself in the segments of the market, reinforcing its presence in the foreign market, with a view to increasing its added value;
  • Improve levels of organizational and management effectiveness, particularly through investment in innovative and technologically developed tools.
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