Cruise in Aveiro – City canals


Cruise in the city canals of Aveiro

Welcome aboard. Live your experience on board Moliceiros boats .

Ultimate symbol of  the Ria de Aveiro ,  the Moliceiro boat   was in the past, the development engine of the region.

Today, these typical vessels are dedicated to tourism, providing magnificent leisure time in the Ria waters.

Live this unique experience. The  Ria de Aveiro  awaits you!

Informação adicional

Workshop "Ovos Moles"

– "Fábrica dos ovos moles": will visit the factory where you will observe the production of this typical candy from Aveiro – participate and taste;
– Duration of 45 minutes: value of 8,00 € person
– Minimum of 5 participants.


– The Thematic Visit "O SAL" AVEIRO, has the value of € 8.00 person, duration of 45 minutes, the accompaniment of a guide, where one learns the setting of the navies (Salinas) of Sal in the Ria de Aveiro and the process of production of Sal de Aveiro;
– Minimum of 5 participants.


We inform you that the cruise in Moliceiro, Workshop, visit "O Sal" Aveiro and Tourist Train, are close to each other, not necessary to travel by bus / car.


– Tourist train of Aveiro, with the value of 5,00 € person, travels the city for 45 minutes, where we get to know some of its buildings and arteries, with the route to pass in the Campus of the University of Aveiro. You have exits all the right times


1 hour

Cruise in the canals of Aveiro onboard the Moliceiro boat, navigate in the Portuguese Venice (45 mint)